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"Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it."
Hannah Arendt

About Tim

Meet Tim Hodges, a creative young editor championed and favoured by industry heavyweights Russell T Davies, Julie Gardiner and Brian Minchin. Their names and awards speak for themselves but they all keep asking Tim back. Even before his training through Skillset, Tim’s focus has been fixed on editing. His passion is storytelling and working with directors to create the most engaging narratives. In the last couple of years, Tim has worked with well-established directors such as Joss Agnew, Graeme Harper, Ashley Way, Reza Moradi and Griff Rowland.

Prior to becoming an editor and not content on waiting for his big moment, Tim had worked as a runner and a researcher for various independents before joining Doctor Who in 2004. During this time, Tim learnt many invaluable aspects of television production that have strengthened his work in the cutting room. His ambition, along with encouragement from Doctor Who Producer Phil Collinson led to his progression in post-production as an assistant editor on network dramas such as Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures, as well as other continuing Welsh drama productions.

His carefully crafted assemblies as an assistant became the catalyst to his transition as editor. This level of detail caught the attention of Russell T Davies and led Tim to being offered to edit The Sarah Jane Adventures series opener in 2011. This is when Tim became a full-time editor. Since then, his success has grown and Tim has gone on to cut episodes of Casualty for BBC One and the new children’s drama, Wizards vs Aliens for CBBC and Freemantle Media.

In his spare time he is keen to keep cutting as many varied projects as he can. Tim is closely involved in the short film circuit in Wales and has been working with up and coming film-makers. He has played a key role in the award winning “It’s My Shout” training scheme, which is dedicated to nurturing new filmmaking talent in Wales. Tim cut their six short films back in 2011, all of them broadcast on the BBC with one of the films, Sweet Sixteen, picking up a Welsh Bafta for best short film. Tim is keen to add his own personal accolades to his mantelpiece. He’s also got a wicked sense of humour and is hugely fun to work alongside.

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